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Why is the mosquito misting system a better choice than monthly mosquito sprays?


While it’s suggested by the CDC and EPA to implement mosquito control for your yard, it is still unclear which control method is the best and most effective. Nets and traps only work for a small area and city spraying is simply not enough for places with high humidity and heat. With a mosquito misting system, you’re sure to have long-lasting results!

When we think about outdoor pests like mosquitoes and ticks we often think that most bites are harmless, annoying and itchy but harmless.   Well, not the bite of the Lone Star Tick, which can leave you with a severe allergy to red meat.  It sounds crazy but it's true and the ticks are starting to migrate across the northern US. 

While mosquitoes acquire dengue viruses from people when they feed on blood, the insects can also infect each other, a recent study finds. 

Under normal conditions, when mosquito and host populations are robust, dengue is transmitted in a cycle from mosquitoes to human hosts and back to new mosquitoes, which keeps the virus in circulation.

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