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Mosquito’s might be his business, but public health administrator Dante Gonzalez got more than he bargained for when he tried to clean up a house in Victoria after Hurricane Harvey.

“Despite me wearing repellent and gloves and long sleeves, they were getting all over my clothes and in my face,” said Gonzalez, who works for the Protection Division of the Corpus Christi/Nueces County Public Health District. “It was a real battle slapping myself and trying to make sure I didn’t cut my arm off with a chain saw while mosquitoes were getting in my face and eyes.”

High pressure misting systems utilize specialized pumps that are 1000 psi, anything less than 1000 psi will leave your areas damp or wet. All components used in this system are high pressure rated, such as the tubing, nozzles and the misting pump. This helps the system work efficiently without any mishaps like cracks in the tubing due to high pressure.

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Health issued a warning about mosquitoes in Luna County on Friday, but also made clear there are no confirmed cases of the Zika virus this year in New Mexico.