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1 GPM Enclosed Direct Drive Pump (1000PSI)

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1 GPM//1000 PSI Pump Made in USA, Austin, Texas



MADE IN THE USA, Austin, Texas

We are proud to offer our 1.0 High Pressure Misting Pump, newly redesigned and totally reengineered for 2016.  We not only manufacture these great pumps, we have been installing them for over a decade.  This experience gives us a level of expertise unmatched in this field.  Many other companies just make the pumps, but they are not aware of many of the nuances when it comes to the actual installation.  We were tired of using inferior pumps that were prone to breakdowns, and were hard to service, so we embarked on a long and exhaustive mission to create the world’s best High Pressure pump.  We did it!! And we are proud to offer our awesome pump to our customers.  Many other pumps are designed to fail this generates another source of revenue for those companies, the repair market.  We do not want to use this approach, so our pumps are design for years of trouble free use and reliability. 

One of our unique features is our motors, TEFC motors come standard in our pumps, they have an external blower motor to keep the motor cool during operation, and we took the extra step to include an additional fan to keep the motor even cooler and thus extending the life of the motor.

We use exclusively Cat Pumps, the best pumps on the market.  We do not use cheap Chinese motors like many of the other manufactures on the market.  Those Chinese motors will not stand the test of time and are almost impossible to get parts for in the event that they need to be services, the result; you are forced to purchase another motor as a replacement.

Another important feature that is standard with a MCS HP pump is our exclusive low water safety sensor. This important feature shuts off the pump in the event the water supply is interrupted, saving the pump.  Most pumps will be damaged beyond repair if ran without water for as short as 2-3 minutes.  We have eliminated this issue with the addition of the safety switch. Standard on all MCS pumps.

Another feature which was added as a result of years of in the field experience is our inline pressure relief valve. This allows you to place your pump inside a closet or structure without the need for a water drain line.  Most other pumps on the market have this pressure relief attached to the unit making it inconvenient to place the pump at an interior location.  Our inline drain valve can be placed anywhere in the output line, before your first fan or nozzle.

Some of the other standard features of our high pressure misting pumps include a glycerin filled gauge, a 5 micron filter, to keep foreign particles from entering your line, reducing clogged nozzles.  Our outdoor rated, weather resistant enclosure is powder coated and has interior acoustic foam mounted inside the cover, this protects the pump and motor and keeps our system running as quiet as possible.

Do your research, we think you will agree, mosquito and cooling systems pumps offer a unique blend of standard features, quality and affordability not matched by any other pump in the country.

As always, if you need any assistance when it comes to installation or design, just contact we and we can help!

1000 PSI Pump Capacity

  • 22-45 .008 Misting Nozzles
  • 15-30 .012 Misting Nozzles
  • 12-25 .014 Misting Nozzles
  • 120 Volt 50/60Hz 10.4 Amps

Weight and Dimensions:  50 lbs; L 24"" W 10"" H 12""


  • TEFC Electric Motor
  • 5 Micron Filter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Drain Valve,
  • Adjustable Regulator
  • Triplex Plunger Design
  • Inlet Pressure Flooded to 60 psi
  • Max liquid temperature is 140 F
  • Crank case capacity is 8.5oz.
  • Low Water Safety Switch


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