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Are You Ready To Be A Part Of The Fastest Growing Segments In Insect Control – Mosquito Control Systems?

If you haven’t noticed mosquito control misting systems have grown in popularity and are continuing to outperform mosquito spraying. The reason this is true is that they are much more effective and considered the only long-term solution to mosquito abatement. Take a moment to read why becoming a vendor with MCS is one of the best investments you will make.

Why Become A Vendor?

  • This gives you an additional option to you to offer your customers.
  • The systems outperform any other traditional mosquito treatments.
  • Consumers will love the results and most of the new business will come from referrals.

What Can I Expect After Becoming A Vendor?

  • You can expect a quick profit and return of investment on the installations.
  • Recurring cash flow from servicing installed systems.

What Does It Take to Become A Vendor?

  • The startup is easy, low risk, and inexpensive.
  • We only require a small upfront commitment of system purchases.
  • We can provide you with high-quality marketing materials that can easily be customizable for you.
  • We offer 1-day training sessions that will get you off to a fast start.
  • You will receive our special “Vendor Only” pricing.

For Vendor and Distributor Pricing & Ordering This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (844)-344-2069.

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